Research Work


Main company project is a polymorphic switch (PS). It’s a high-tech polymer switch-minijoystick with a wide range of functional capabilities. Easy to produce, inexpensive and reprogrammable in real-time mode. 

Fundamental competitive advantages enable PS to replace all mechanical switches and joysticks in control systems of different purpose (from household appliances to aircrafts).

These advantages include a multifunctionality of PS, reprogrammability, robust construction and manufacturing simplicity, low materials consumption. Besides that PS actually is more compact and light compared to analogues, more usable and noiseless, is able to operate in vacuum and dusty environment and does not need any alteration in order to be used in any of possible field of application.


Cheap ministick is used as a reprogrammable switch to replace the many different types of switches in digital systems.

Can work as:

- joystick;

- switch;

- selector switch;

- the regulator;

Features single and double clickingFeatures long and short pressIf necessary, it can pass from one mode to another.


You’ll be able to take an advantage of PS in a TV remote control while searching on the Internet and not feeling any inconveniences. And by playing your favorite 3D games and 3D simulators with an intuitive PS-based controlling.

On the basis of PS a new control system was created – a PolyJoystick (PJ) which has a fixed ergonomical handle where a number of PS are installed.



Thank to our innovation it starts to be possible to use only 2 PJs to control all the working process of a forest-cutting or engineering machinery. And aircraft pilots will have a possibility to perform high precision maneuvers in high acceleration conditions!

None of existing control systems nowadays can be so functional being at the same time insomuch general and simple.

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